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Websocket with KAIWA

Question asked by Elie Meouchi on Dec 29, 2015

Hey guys


first time here


glad to meet u all.


im tryin to use websockets to connect openfire through KAIWA.


this is my configuration file:



    "isDev": false,

    "http": {

        "host": "",

        "port": 9099


    "session": {

        "secret": "shhhhhh don't tell anyone ok?"


    "server": {

        "name": "Ste G MATTA",

        "domain": "",

        "wss": "wss://",

        "muc": "",

        "startup": "groupchat/",

        "admin": "admin"




i cant understand what seems to be wrong since it wont connect.


any help is highly appreciated.