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OpenLDAP users cannot log into admin console

Question asked by Didier Jourdain on Nov 27, 2015



I am trying to setup openfire with our LDAP and I am still stuck at the "Add Aministrator" panel.

I was able to choose 2 users from the LDAP but when I test them it fails. Their password is not recognized.


Being able to retrieve the users from the LDAP indicate that the settings I have used seemed to be correct.

1) But why are the passwords not recognized?

2) Can anyone enlighten my road to success?


Openfire is installed on CentOS 6.7 with mysql-server version 5.1.73.

My OpenLDAP is running under RHEL ES release 3 and I still need to determine its version.


3) Do the users I pick need to have privileges within LDAP?