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XMPP BOSH clients don't receive each other's messages.

Question asked by Simone on Nov 16, 2015


I started today learning about XMPP BOSH and the Smack API.


I tried to create two simple client running at localhost:


  • client1: acting as a sender and having the name sender;
  • client2: acting as a receiver and having the name receiver;


The are both connected to a remote server with a given server_ip (e.g. and server_port (7070).


Both clients use:


  • BOSHConfiguration and XMPPBOSHConnection;
  • Their StanzaListener and StanzaListener simple implementation for tracing incoming stanzas;
  • They use smack-core and smack-bosh 4.1.4 as maven dependecies.


The sender:


  • Successfully connects to the server;
  • Sends the message to receiver@
  • I perfectly monitor the packets sent by client1 to the server;
  • I saw a 401 error for each message:
    • <error code="401" type="auth"><not-authorized xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/></error>


The receiver:

  • Doesn't receive nothing at all.




A snippet:


BOSHConfiguration boshConfiguration = BOSHConfiguration.builder().setUsernameAndPassword(properties.getProperty("send er"), properties.getProperty("password"))










  XMPPBOSHConnection boshConnection = new XMPPBOSHConnection(boshConfiguration);



  try {


  boshConnection.addAsyncStanzaListener(new StanzaListener() {



  public void processPacket(Stanza stanza) throws NotConnectedException {"New stanza received {}.", stanza);


  }, new StanzaFilter() {



  public boolean accept(Stanza stanza) {"Filtering new stanza {}.", stanza);

  return stanza.getTo().contains("sender");




Message message = new Message("receiver@");



} catch(....){