Bounty ideas for Spark, Asterisk-IM, and such

Discussion created by speedy Champion on Nov 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by wroot

Due to a lack of interest in Spark and Asterisk-IM, I'm considering offering bounties for improvements, fixes, and updates to them.

What would you like to see most improved?

Would anyone else be interested in chipping in?


I'm also considering offering some sort of bounty for jitsi client too to add sso, and to build an openfire plug that will help integrate jitsi provisioning, so that it can be more easily managed and used for business.  This guy looks like he started such a plug in gmanojbabu/jitsiprovisioning · GitHub


And of course, once some of this is figured out; whats the best way in finding devs for hire? upwork?