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Emojicons in ofOffline table shows as ??????

Question asked by Amritpal Singh on Oct 3, 2015


   I am facing an issue in offline storing and relaying of emoticons. The emojicons got ??????? instead of the actual code.


I have tried all possible solutions of changing Character encoding from utf-8 to utf8mb4 plus all others suggested in the posts.


This is my stanza in ofOffline table:


<message to="803084823156911/xxx" id="3POX5-23" type="chat" from="760954853939712@xxx/Smack"><body>{"message":"????????????????","timestamp ":1443859633023,"senderName":"John"}</body><thread>814935df-4fa4-453a-885b-ca7e8 7e3be05</thread></message>



Please suggest a possible solution,Thanks in advance.