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Roster.setRosterLoadedAtLogin(false) doesn't work

Question asked by Gabriel on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Gabriel

Hi all,


I want to remove roster processing from my client as I do not need a roster. I tried setting Roster.setRosterLoadedAtLogin(false) but this is not taken into account, I still have the roster being processed. Other than me not needing the roster, it has a bug that causes a NPE. It receives an XMPP error stanza (feature-not-implemented - cancel) that has no "from", this causes an exception when XmppStringUtils.parsePrsource(from) on line 1280 (v4.1.3) because "from" is null. I upgraded from 4.0.x and my code worked fine before (Server is Tigase 7.x) BTW.


I then though that since Roster.setRosterLoadedAtLogin(false) does not work, I could remove the listeners, but I cannot since I have no accessible references to them...


So basically:


  1. I want to no longer have any roster managment
  2. You should fix the NPE described above


Thank you,