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Last Activity for all users on ejabberd

Question asked by Vilpesh on Jul 6, 2015

Hello Friends,


We have following installed on our server.

ejabberd Community Server (eCS)

I am using asmack 4.0.7 to interact with the ejabberd server.


I wish to know last activity (XEP-0012) of all the users.


I have 10 user accounts on our server. viz,, etc.


The behaviour of ejabberd is that to know last activity of a user, that user has to log in. I mean to check last activity of, he will have to log in.

If i log in as, then i successfully get last activity for With john logged in, if i retrieve last activities for, or any other user, i get service-unavailable response for ejabberd server.


<iq from='' to='' type='error' id='uHoJn-5'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:last'/><error code='503' type='cancel'><service-unavailable xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/></error></iq>


My requirement is that to retrieve last activity without making logins for all users.


Is that possible ?