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External Access to OpenFire w/ Spark

Question asked by Danyluk on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by Jasun Fletcher

I am in need of some help here. I have two huge holes in the wall where I have bashed my head against the wall. I have been trying to connect my spark client to my openfire server. I have an OpenFire Server running the newest release 3.10 and I have tried to configure both with MySQL and embedded. I have tried both LDAP and default. The problem is I can connect internally with the spark client with no problem everything works fine. I just can't get it to connect externally. I am not using a vpn at all. I have opened all the ports that are required. I still can't connect. I am getting the error "Invalid username or password" I know for a fact that this is correct because it is the same username and password that works internally. I have made sure that my FQDN is correct. I have set it to and no success, also I have tried just and no success. I have an a record for already setup and it is resolving correctly. I can connect to the admin console remotely by both the external ip address and by the DNS "" no success. I have tried to use just the IP address in the Server area of the Spark Client and same error. I have tried going to "advanced" on the client and enter the IP address of the server and then in the server area I have put the server name. This is crazy please please someone help.