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Need help on making pull requests and approving requests on Git

Question asked by wroot Champion on Apr 25, 2015
Latest reply on May 2, 2015 by wroot

So, i'm not a developer by any means, but i thought i can fix a minor visual glitch in Spark and i have done and tested this in Netbens (connected to Spark's Git repository):



I have also found old pull request waiting for approving Show JID as contact name if instead an empty string would have been show... by rarog · Pull Request #10 · igniterealtime…

filed this as SPARK-1607


So, as we don't have a maintainer for Spark currently. Can someone add me as one for Spark project at Git, so i could approve pull requests? Yeah, i won't be able check the code and its quality, so i would instead try to test the changes after building Spark. And we don't have choice here as nobody else takes the charge. I would resign as soon as someone more competent applies for this position. My username at GitHub is wrooot (see my comment on that request). wroot was already taken


Next i want some insight on how to commit my own change. Can i do this via web on github site? The change is trivial (changing two numbers in two lines in one file). I know that almost noone is using Netbeans here, and i still plan to try Eclipse in the future, but maybe i will find similar commands in Netbeans if you hint me. I see options to Git > Commit, or Git > Deff to Base revision (see last change by Daryl there). Or should i just generate an offline diff patch and attach it to Jira for someone else to commit?


Also, how commits on Git get connected to Jira tickets?