Releasing Spark 2.7.0 in its current state?

Discussion created by wroot Champion on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2015 by Daryl Herzmann

I think with Openfire 3.10.0 release there is a problem for people using Spark 2.6.3 (current official release, which is more than 3 years old) and i think it is related to bundled Java update in Openfire. SSL not working properly. Though i was thinking about the idea of releasing Spark 2.7.0 before, but maybe its time. I can prepare a blog post for it explaining new features, fixes and caveats (especially one that there are no maintainer or developers for Spark). There are some major unfinished tasks like update to current Smack or voice chat overhaul, but this can drag for years. I've been using 2.7.0 recent builds in production for a few years and i think it is more stable than 2.6.3.


So, is it possible for someone to tag it for release and then Daryl will build and put it on the Downloads page? Of course, if something major pops up, there would be no maintainer to fix it. But 2.6.3 would still be available for download (will provide a link in the blog post).