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Just Married/Monitoring plugins are not getting installed on linux openfire JDK 6

Question asked by kobbycoder on Apr 5, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2015 by kobbycoder

I started to use openfire with windows, but since I have a Linux laptop I tried to install openfire on it, after some weeks I decided to install Just married plugin in the Linux(Debian) openfire server from the admin page, even though it said that I have to wait short time so it would appear on my plugin list though It is not there and it is on the available plugins but with not sign(+), So I  thought I might be the plug in but it is not, because I installed it on my windows openfire server and it installed in 10 seconds and is in my plugins list, any help please? I also upgraded the java version of my Linux device and it is still having the same problem, the only plugin that got installed on the Linux was kraken.


I would appreciate any help or hint, I wanna use this plugin to edit other's accounts attributes like names and also changing their passwords