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Using Privacy list for blocking user messages from all rooms

Question asked by Vadim on Mar 24, 2015

Hello, guys!

I'm using smack- 4.1 and I want to implement logic to block all messages coming from some user including all rooms he presents.
For example I have my user A and another B. I want to block all incoming messages from B in private chat and from all rooms where A and B present. I know that I can use privacy list to block private messages from B by his JId, But how i can simply add record in Privacy list to block messages from rooms ?

So I can block but only to individual rooms using match JID like ... roomName@chatServer/userName,

but  it looks like not good and optimal solution adding rule for each room.
May be I can add rule for matching JID like "chatServer/userName" ? Will it work for my purposes?
Could you please help me ?