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Smack: Add support for XMPP Serverless Messaging (XEP-174)

Question asked by Tomš Havlas on Mar 10, 2015
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I was browsing through projects and ideas on google melange and I found that particular idea, which I find interesting. I'm new to xmpp and smack, however I found it really interesting and useful, I'm planning a small project which will be based on xmpp and support of serverless messaging would be really helpful for me in future, that's the reason why I decided to try to work on this through gsoc.

The reason I'm writing here, is that I would like to ask, what knowledge I need to accomplish this task. I have read the description of idea, I have average knowledge of Java, and also have some experience with android application development, however I have no previous programming experiences with xmpp or mDNS. I think I would be capable of learning how to work with these, but I would like to hear from you, that it is possible to do so. It would be best to hear from the mentor of this idea, maybe get some direct contact on you.