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How to get current user's list of groups

Question asked by Snowrom on Mar 2, 2015



I've written an XMPP client using Smack and shared groups and it's working fine.

But there is a feature I don't really know how to implement :

My users are sorted by groups. I'd like everygroup to has its own group discussion.

So what I'd like to do is create one MUC by group and then everytime a user logs in, he'd automaticaly join every group's MUC  he belongs to.

For example, if member A belongs to the groups SALES and IT, I'd like him to automatically join SALE's MUC & IT's MUC every time he logs in.

This doesn't sound too complicated but I don't know how to get which group my user belongs to.


I'd like to do (inside member A's client ) :


getListOfGroupsImIn(); <-- How to do this ?

for(every group i'm in ){

     join this group's MUC



If i know which groups I belong to then i could easily join their MUCs since they're "groupName@conference.myserver"