MUC nickname overwrite

Discussion created by kiu on Feb 28, 2015
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On our jabber server we enforce users to have specific nicknames in MUCs (using an authentication system to attach titles to their name).


Example: The user needs to join the muc with nick "Peter (Director)" or he wont be accepted.


Using smack 4.1.0-rc1 on android, the MUC functionality works fine when the user sets the nick to exactly what we expect from that user. Sweet.

But in case the user puts in a wrong nickname (e.g. "peter") when joining the MUC, smacks throws "XMPPError: forbidden - cancel".


Which is correct behavior, but the experience delivered by Pidgin is way smoother, it automatically discovers the correct nickname and consequently uses that.

I can manually do that by sending a presence available to the MUC, wait for the response and use the from field to determine the correct nickname, then use MultiUserChat to join (again) with the correct nickname.


Presence p = new Presence(Presence.Type.available);





<presence to='' from=' (Director)' id='RLI5j-5'> ... </presence>


I think the code in MultiUserChat should instead of relying on the hardcoded nick:

PacketFilter responseFilter = new AndFilter(FromMatchesFilter.createFull(room + "/" + nickname), new PacketTypeFilter(Presence.class));

should try to set up filters on the nickname which has been acknowledged by the server.