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NullPointerException thrown when trying to sendMessage from ChatManager

Question asked by pepenike on Feb 16, 2015
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I'm getting NullPointerException randomly (not always reproducible) when trying to send a Chat message.

Method is sendMessage and it's happening when it tries to make connection().sendPacket(message).

Looking at the code I've seen connection returns a weakReference and it is null when trying to get it. Maybe there is a need of adding a null check for connection on the following method?

void sendMessage(Chat chat, Message message) throws NotConnectedException {   
for(Map.Entry<MessageListener, PacketFilter> interceptor : interceptors.entrySet()) {    
               PacketFilter filter = interceptor.getValue();
               if(filter != null && filter.accept(message)) {
// Ensure that messages being sent have a proper FROM value    
     if (message.getFrom() == null) {        


Could you please take a look?


The library version is: 4.1.0-beta1 (4.0.6-416-gfd69a4c 2015-01-14)


Thanks in advance!