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XMPP on Android Stream Management and BOSH

Question asked by andrejvanderzee on Jan 17, 2015
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We are starting to write an XMPP chat app for Android. I managed to get the Smack 4.1 beta1 version up and running very quickly, enabling two people to chat. Because the app is running on mobile, the connection to the XMPP server are short-lived by nature. Happily I have read that beta1 includes the Stream Management extension.


Another extension that draw my attention is BOSH which uses XMPP over HTTP solving the issue of unreliable connections and also Firewalled TCP ports (because it uses 80 which is usually open). Smack supports BOSH according to this: /index.html


My question is now what would be the best approach for Android? Should I use BOSH, Stream Management or both together (is that even possible)?