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Access Modifiers in XMPPTCPConnection

Question asked by andrelab on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by andrelab

In the Smack 4.0.x I could change the method proceedTLSReceived and access the method notifyConnectionError in the XMPPTCPConnection class by inheritance.

Now, in the Smack 4.1 it became private and I don't have access to it anymore (unless I change the Smack code).


So I'd like to ask if these things could be protected in the XMPPTCPConnection:


  • protected Socket socket;
  • protected boolean usingTLS = false;
  • protected void proceedTLSReceived() throws ...
  • protected synchronized void notifyConnectionError(Exception e)


In this way, the class become more fexible for very specific implementations.