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Registration No Input password?

Question asked by shaojila6868 on Dec 11, 2014
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How to regster user?


Registration Api is

Represents registration packets. An empty GET query will cause the server to return information about it's registration support. SET queries can be used to create accounts or update existing account information. XMPP servers may require a number of attributes to be set when creating a new account. The standard account attributes are as follows:

  • name -- the user's name.
  • first -- the user's first name.
  • last -- the user's last name.
  • email -- the user's email address.
  • city -- the user's city.
  • state -- the user's state.
  • zip -- the user's ZIP code.
  • phone -- the user's phone number.
  • url -- the user's website.
  • date -- the date the registration took place.
  • misc -- other miscellaneous information to associate with the account.
  • text -- textual information to associate with the account.
  • remove -- empty flag to remove account.


Why not password?


Thank you