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OneNote links not working in

Discussion created by Igaz András on Nov 25, 2014
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We used to link pages from our notes, and earlier it was okay, but from now on, it won't open the notebook anymore.


Here are some example:


- \\NAS02\Software - Simple folder link is okay

- onenote:///\\NAS02\Design\Trap\rendszer\trap_rendszer\Bugs.one#section-id={E1B2 CC9D-77FD-45C0-837F-3FF9B003AB82}&end - earlier this was a clickable link, and it opened the document, but now it's simple text

- NAS02\Design\Trap\rendszer\trap_rendszer\Bugs.one - If I copy and paste this part, it will open. But this requires additional steps and could be annoying.




Thanks for your attention


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