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feature-not-implemented(501) MultiUserChat.getJoinedRooms

Question asked by haipinghuang on Nov 9, 2014

hi everyone,

when l use MultiUserChat to get joined rooms l get problems it saying feature-not-implemented(501),

the logcat loged the follow information:

11-09 07:49:17.582: W/System.err(1782): feature-not-implemented(501)

11-09 07:49:17.582: W/System.err(1782): at org.jivesoftware.smackx.ServiceDiscoveryManager.discoverItems(ServiceDiscoveryM

11-09 07:49:17.592: W/System.err(1782): at org.jivesoftware.smackx.muc.MultiUserChat.getJoinedRooms( )

11-09 07:49:17.592: W/System.err(1782): at com.ichat.activity.RoomManager.getJoinedRooms(

11-09 07:49:17.602: W/System.err(1782): at com.ichat.activity.RoomManager.init(

11-09 07:49:17.602: W/System.err(1782): at com.ichat.activity.RoomManager.onCreate(


l am a new in asmack develop,can anyone give me a hand to solve this problem or give me a correct example in MultiUserChat.getJoinedRooms?

l am very happy to accept any advice for this problem.         note: l am chinese ,not good at english