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I'm lost (and feeling stupid)

Question asked by Bob K Mertz on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by Axel-F. Brand

I know the answer is likely going to be something that makes me feel incredible stupid but I'm lost on actually connecting to a remote service.  I followed the instructions to install Spectrum 2 and connect to my Openfire server.  I've configured my aim.cfg file and enabled it in GoJara setting.... everything seems to be working but how to I actually log in to an AIM account?  I have been using Kraken for a while and it's been working well but since Spectrum 2 is the new thing I want to migrate over to it.  When using Kraken I manually added registrations for my AIM account in the openfire admin page and connected it to my local jabber account but I don't see anywhere in the GoJara configs, spectrum config files, etc, where I can actually add my AIM account's username and password.  Could someone give me a little more guidance on what I'm missing?