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Creating MultiUserChat throws NoResponseException

Question asked by igorbykov on Oct 3, 2014

Hi guys,


I am really stuck on this. I'm trying to create MultiUserChat with XMPPBOSHConnection;


Start XMPPBOSHConnection :

                final AbstractXMPPConnection connection = new XMPPBOSHConnection(config);

                Field hostField = AbstractXMPPConnection.class.getDeclaredField("host");


                hostField.set(connection, host);


                Log.i("AppName", "connection is :" + connection.isConnected());

                connection.login(mData.getJID(), mData.getPassword(), "AndroidClient " + new Random().nextInt());


Start MultiUserChat :

                String nickName = "igor";

                MultiUserChat muc = new MultiUserChat(connection,  mData.getJID()+ "@" + host);


                muc.sendConfigurationForm(new Form(Form.TYPE_SUBMIT));



After debugging I see that exception throws in MultiUserChat class:


in enter method :

// Wait up to a certain number of seconds for a reply.

        Presence presence = (Presence) response.nextResultOrThrow(timeout);


In this method nextResultOrThrow  result == null and I' ve got NoResponseException ;


P result = nextResult(timeout);


        if (result == null) {

            throw new NoResponseException();



Any guess?


I would appreciate any help, thank you!