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JitsiVideoBridge PluginImpl potential Bug?

Question asked by RODs on Oct 1, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by Dele Olajide



I've a big problem with videoBridge Plugin.


i try to explain that i observe.


I use Openfire videoBridge with 2 clients (ofmeet and Candy)


i connect ofmeet with "conference" MUCService and candy with "plouf" MUCservice


also, i obtain room_A@conference.localhost and room_B@plouf.localhost


first interrogation, i observe in the openfire console (managed session), a lot of jitsi.videobridge.ROOM_NAME sessions.


i know that the jitsi.videobridge.room_A is OK but i don't understand why i find too jitsi.videobridge.room_B session?


when i try to find in the Server's Log.Info, i find that.

room_B is a simple candy room without visio, but, openfire 's plugin works for nothing...


2014.04.02 12:06:09 org.jitsi.videobridge.openfire.PluginImpl - ColibriIQHandler occupantLeft room_B@plouf.localhost muckl@localhost/admin_espace_cergy_foyer1 

   2014.10.01 12:06:09 org.jitsi.videobridge.openfire.PluginImpl - expireColibriChannel {USER}@localhost/ {NICKNAME} null 74fc52e79d126eb7 ece2b7f15c9acdb7 

   2014.10.01 12:06:09 org.jitsi.videobridge.openfire.PluginImpl - routeColibriEvent - P {USER}@localhost/ {NICKNAME} 

   2014.10.01 12:06:09 org.jitsi.videobridge.openfire.PluginImpl - bridgeJoin event to room occupants of room_B 

   2014.10.01 12:06:09 org.jitsi.videobridge.openfire.PluginImpl - removeColibriChannel 0        


how i can doing for this plugin catch only rooms of conference MUCService? and to do that the server don't send any colibri packets for not visioRoom?


i try this with a clean install OF 3.9.3 and videoBridge plugin 1.3.0 and 1.3.1, i obtain the same results.