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Why is there zero documentation?

Question asked by pugh on Sep 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2014 by Dele Olajide

I use an Elastix phone system which has Openfire built in.  I came across the Jitsi Videobridge Plugin and thought that it would make a great addition.  I installed it and now I have a Jitsi Videobridge Settings Page in my Openfire server admin pages.  So far, so good.  Now what?  I have Googled everything I can think of trying to find the slightest hint of how to get this working and there is NOTHING!   Not a help file or a README that I can find!  Couldn't someone connected with this project or someone in the community who has successfully got this working take the time to tell the rest of us how?  Please someone, give us a clue!