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Change URL Path - Jitsi Spark Plugin

Question asked by Laerte on Sep 19, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2014 by Laerte

Hi guys,


I need change the URL when I click in the Jitsi VideoBridge Plugin in the Spark.


Today it opens the default Url: https://Domain_name:7443/jitsi/apps/ofmeet/?r=Roomid, I need change to https://Another_domain_name:7443/jitsi/apps/jitmeet/?=Roomid.


I decompress the jar file and I change the files:, and, and I make the jar File again, but the changes don't apply.


I know that plugin was upload, because I always change the version in the plugin.xml and when I verify the plugin, the version is changed.


What is my error? I am not Java programmer.