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candy, ofmeet, jitmeet. Videobridge and user authentication question

Question asked by andrea_2 on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2014 by andrea_2

Hello Forum,

I've a correct setup of Openfire with Videobridge, I'm a long time Openfire user but I'm approaching VideoBridge in these days. I have read tons of howtos and forum messages related to them but I still have some questions, I have seen three applications inside videobridge candy, ofmeet, jitmeet.

From few Dele's messages I have understood that jitmeet is focused on some sort of pubblic access usage, ofmeet is more related to corporate use and candy is a js based chat client.

I have never been able to use Candy, don't know why but after the login screen where I can prompt my jid/password I only see a grey page with nothing inside it. I'll probably need to start chrome debugger to understand what the page does. Is there someone who can address me to an howto or a document where I can read about Candy configs ?

Jitmeet is probably more focused on anonymous usage but it seems to be nice (for me) to get some form of authentication so a common user may identify himself, the same goes with ofmeet. I'm not talking about a global realm authentication (Videobridge/Security/WebApplication user/pass) but I'd like to enter my userjid/pass like Candy does.

Before writing down some code I'd like to ask if there's someone with same requirements or someone who has solved these kind of problems with ofmeet or jitmeet. I don't want to fork them and it could be nice to prompt for user/passwd before login.


Thank you in advance for your reply


Kind regards