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I can't view other participant in JitMeet

Question asked by vindra9 on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2014 by Jay Weldy

Hello everyone,


I would like to say that, this is a amazing project and I think i'm gonna need this near future.


As a newbie I would like try to install jitmeet on my local testing server.

And I think all goes well until I stuck on this problem.

I really hope anyone can help me to find a clue for this problem.



openfire 3.9.3 installed on ubuntu 12.04 server

I'm using jitsi videobridge 1.3.0

ufw status inactive


and when I type, jitsi create a new conf room, but when other person join, I can't see their face, it's only a gray shadow on right bottom chrome browser.


anyone can give me a clue ? or maybe already solved this kind of problem ?


NB : some screenshot for more information


Best Regards,

Indra Ivan