Jay Weldy

Success behind Nat, etc.

Discussion created by Jay Weldy on Sep 5, 2014

Hi everyone, I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone posting here. Reading the posts is a great help and I'd like to thank the people who answered my questions. Especially Dele.


This morning I had come to the conclusion that my internet provider's dynamic IP, nat translation etc would force me to use either a VPN or the Spark client to allow my clients access to the advantages of OpenFire. So, I set out to find a decent Soft VPN and figured I'd load the client on the users laptops then the could vpn into the local network for Ofmeet. Even though that's not good!


However I found a open source software VPN named SoftEther and during the setup it stated that it would automatically punch a hole through NAT and firewalls to the server. I have never been able to access a self hosted application by way of a ddns host-name from inside my network until I installed this software.


I've included a link to a video on it below. In hopes it might help others.




Thanks again for everyones help here!