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asmack library. Problem in Roster on request users.

Question asked by Vadim on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by Vadim

Hi guys! I use 4.0.3 asmack library version. I have a problem with rosterr I  just created connection, got roster from it and added listener to presence like this :



                connection = new XMPPTCPConnection(configuration);

                connection.addConnectionListener(new QBConnectionListener());


                connection.login(name, pass, resourece);    

   Roster roster = connection.getRoster();




        roster.addRosterListener(new RosterListenerImpl());

            PacketFilter subscribeFilter = new SubscribeFilter();

        PacketListener subscribePacketListener = new SubscribePacketListener();

        connection.addPacketListener(subscribePacketListener, subscribeFilter);



The problem is that I set manual subscription mode but in log i see thar roster automatically sends "subscribed presence" on "subscribe" request without doing it by my code. By the way when I send request to user he is offline.  It happens not all time but very often and I do not receive "subscribe" presence in packet listener on connection. Please help me. How can I fix this ???
Could you just set default subscription mode in roster to "manual", because I see in source code it sets to "accept all" requests and maybe it is synchronizing problem in PresencePacketListener in Roster .