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Get Avatar PEP using asmack 4.0.1

Question asked by hecktor on Jul 29, 2014


i am using the latest version of asmack jar (4.0.1) and i am attempting to receive the avatar for each user, but i can't seem to receive anything, i tried the topic here ( but i couldn't implement the solution provided by "rcollier", i didn't know how to, i also tried registering "urn:xmpp:avatar:metadata" and "urn:xmpp:avatar:data" as packet extensions, but still i the AvatarProvider() didn't get called


ProviderManager.addExtensionProvider("metadata", "urn:xmpp:avatar:metadata", new AvatarMetadataProvider());
ProviderManager.addExtensionProvider("data", "urn:xmpp:avatar:data", new AvatarProvider());


thanks in advance