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ERROR: This service only works with Chrome.

Question asked by jpurcell969 on Jul 28, 2014
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Great Job on this open source Product BTW.  Even i was able to integrate it in with my Domain controller at my house easily and thats a big feat for me.

Background: Network Architect, former DoD, IBM, Juniper Solutions Architect.  I cannot count passed layer 6 though.. /joke


On some computers i can start the Jitsi web page and connect in chome. On others i get the "This service only works with Chrome" error.. In Chrome...


All computers are running same version of chrome Version 36.0.1985.125 m and Java version 7 update 51.  two are windows 7x64 and one other is windows 8.1x64  The one it does work on is Windows 7. The server running OpenFire is 2008R2


On the Win7x64 laptop that is working, when i share screen it immediately goes to the "This service only works with Chrome" error.. any ideas?


Thank you in Advanced,