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Java - trying to prebind strophe.js using bosh but not able to get the sid and rid…using the smack bosh

Question asked by mihir on May 31, 2014
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I'm trying to do prebind using Jbosh (smack bosh) to connect with Openfire

server. However I dont know how to get the RID and SID value.

I have implemented this code:


BOSHConfiguration config = new BOSHConfiguration(false, "", 7070, "/http-bind/", "", "xmpp:");


//create a connection


BOSHConnection connection = new BOSHConnection(config);




connection.login(userName, password, resource);


using following library


But i can not find anywhere how can i get sid and rid from the Bosh connection so i can attach it in the Strophe at client side.


Can anyone help me here ? I know this is very old question but i did not find anywhere its solution.



Mihir Parekh