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How do I collaspse all my chat session tabs into 1 window

Question asked by c123456749 on May 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 31, 2014 by wroot

Hello, I know this has been asked before, and I apologize for my post ahead of time. My defense is that I don't think it has been explicitly asked for a while.


I'm using Spark 2.6.3.


Yes, I'm a java programmer similar to you guys.


I've looked at the previous postings on this subject. I have tried follow the direction given (using non-existant class TabbedViewNaviagator and also the file etc), but I was unsuccessful at achieving what I want to do.


I'm new to Spark and have been able to modify it sllighly.


Question: Anyway, when I open many chat sessions, I would like everything (text, file transfers, etc) to appear on only one tab. (Basically, I keep forgeting to monitor all the tabs and people get annoyed!) I want to do away with all the tabs and send everything to one window. So, all concurrent chat sessions data will go to one and only one window and the data is not broken up amongest several different tabs.


Via java code, how do I accomplish this great feat via a good code example. Yes, I'm asking for the exact code to do this and the intuition that goes along with it. Where do I put the code, etc etc etc. I can code, but I need a person with experience to guide me step by step for a while.


I'm looking for al as much code as I can get.


Thanks for the help,