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Asterisk-IM phone mappings

Question asked by patricck20 on May 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by Evangelos

Hi all,


I have installed Elastix (with Asterisk), but phone mappings does not see as they would work. Scenario is:


In Asterisk-IM the server is green (connected)


In phone mappings i have:


Username                                         Device                                                                  Extension                               Caller ID



On asterisk server i have users from 100 to 109


When i am logged in to openfire via jitsi (xmpp) with the account test3, and want to call number 100, it gives me the error:


Failed to create the call. 100@ does not belong to our contact list 100@ does not belong to our contact list

          at Impl.createOutgoingCall(

          at Impl.createOutgoingCall(

          at Impl.createOutgoingCall(

          at Impl.createCall(

          at hony.createCall(


          at$900(CallManager .java:49)



Any ideas ?


Thank you very much.

Best regards