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Openfire-NodeJs Plugin

Question asked by Dele Olajide Champion on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by firas

As a follow-up to my original OpenfireJs plugin for Openfire, I have created a new plugin that embeds the NodeJs binary and runs it as a java Proces. It includes the binaries for Windows, Linux and OSX (64bit and 32bit) and selects which one to use. There is a long story behind my need to get JavasScript embedded in Openfire and I will blog about it some time soon.


For example, it can be used with the excellent node-xmpp library to quickly implement xmpp components or even XEPs. Each Node process is under Openfire control and can benefit from being part of the Openfire infastructure, clustering, database access, user/group maanagement.


In the meanwhile, if there are no objections, I would like to make it an official Openfire plugin to be included in the next release.


** Update **


I have attached the proof of concept plugin. Just dop it into openfire as usual. It will create a new folder under OPENFIRE_HOME called nodejs. Unzip the etherpad node application into this folder and create the following properties in openfire.


js.nodejs.etherpad.path = OPENFIRE_HOME/nodejs/etherpad

js.nodejs.etherpad = node_modules/ep_etherpad-lite/node/server.js


Point two or more browsers at http://your_openfire_server:9001/p/test