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Authorization on ofmeet and chat room

Question asked by PiotrIr on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by falconitservices



I’ve just installed Jitsi Video bridge plugin on the Openfire server and ofmeet is working perfectly fine, in fact I’m impressed of this.


However I have two questions which just wander if somebody could help me:


  1. Ofmeet doesn’t look to be protected at all, so basically if somebody knows URL, he can create meeting without any authorization. I understand (and love) idea of sending shared link which is unique and this is perfect solution for me, however somebody who create this link should be authorized. Is it possible to do this?


  1. When I login to candy and can’t see any chat room, even if is created in Openfire. I believe possible chat room wasn’t created correctly but tried different options and wasn’t able to get anywhere.



Could you advise please?

Thank you.