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Jitsi Videobridge Plugin as an XMPP external component

Question asked by leortp on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by Dele Olajide

Hi Dele,


I'm wondering how difficult would it be to make Openfire Jitsi Videobridge Plugin acting as an XMPP external component, similar to the original Jitsi Video Bridge approach. The difference would be that your component would speak Rayo instead of Colibri. And I guess web apps cannot be served so easily anymore by a standalone external component and need to be deployed on a dedicated web server.


I looked at the sources and it looks like is most likely the class to be changed. It seems to create an internal component currently. So, to make it an external component, one would simply create an ExternalComponent and register it with a ComponentManager. Is it a correct understanding? Or may be this plugin has more places in its code where it is tighly coupled with Openfire? Could you shed some light on this?


What do you think of the overall idea?


Would you welcome the possibility of having your Rayo-based plugin available as both Openfire plugin and external component that is not tighly coupled to Openfire and could be used with other XMPP servers (e.g. ejabberd, etc)?


Would you include the changes into the trunk?