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OFMeet no video to other partecipants

Question asked by Giorgio on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Giorgio


Don't know is someone else resolved already the problem but I do think is something still to be treated.

My config is:

OF Server rel 3.91 with Jitsivideobridge, Rayo and Jinglenodes plugin in place. The server has also the settings to forward to 2 stun server the stun requests but it's not a stun server at all.

Trying to connect 2 clients (one placed outside with it's own public ip) and another one inside the network the video connection cannot be arranged.

I do underline that Jappix webrtc plugin that has the google stun server cabled in works fine.

What I see on wireshark on the external client side is a sequenct of stun request sent to the public ip of OF but it seems not to respond and this coud be the reason why the connection isn't established.

I did enabled the line:


useStunTurn: true


in the config.js file with no result, is there any place on which force the stun parameters?


Thanks in advance for the help.