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    support jsp

    simon wu

      It only support html and js. Is there any way to make change on the below code to make it support jsp?


                 String appName = JiveGlobals.getProperty(VIDEO_CONFERENCE_PROPERTY_NAME, "tusung");

                  Log.info("Initialize Web App " + appName);


                  ContextHandlerCollection contexts = HttpBindManager.getInstance().getContexts();

                  WebAppContext context = new WebAppContext(contexts, pluginDirectory.getPath(), "/" + appName);

                  context.setWelcomeFiles(new String[]{"index.html"});

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          Dele Olajide



          Suppport for JSP is an Openfire thing. You would need to replace the jasper-compiler.jar file and the jasper-runtime.jar files in the libs folder with ones that enable JSP compilation. I use the ones from Tomcat whenever I need to do that.

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              simon wu

              I replaced the jasper-compiler.jar file and the jasper-runtime.jar files with the ones from apache-tomcat-5.5.20. It didn't work. Then I added jasper-compiler-jdt.jar from tomcat and it worked. Anyway, thanks Dele.