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error report, half way done :)

Question asked by win5hit on Feb 8, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by babyface67

Hi there!

I'm absolutely desperate to get the first video chat running on the plugin for openfire 3.9.1.

I thinks it's such a cool thing to have and use! Thanks for all your effort

Maybe I can help to get things "smoother" and provide some error report...


1. I've installed 3.9.1 on a linux vm,

2. I've installed the plugin "Jitsi Video Bridge", (the configuration dialog appeared in the webinterface where you can decide which ports)

3. I've installed Chrome to do some testing and set it to debug(--enable-logging --v=1)

4. I've connected to the URL where it should be running (and SOMETHING is actually running, have a look at the screenshot ofmeet.png)

5. I've examined the Chrome logs, but it's absolutely not clear to me whats the problem here.(I've attached the relevant part of the log)


I'm also watching openfire logs on the second screen but, as far as I can tell, nothing of interest there.

I'm also watching iptables to be sure nothing important gets dropped... and nothing gets dropped.

(I've setup a rule to allow all from my client-ip).

I've verified chrome works with, and at least I can see myself there


Kind regards