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Spark git transition

Question asked by SnakeDoc on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2014 by wroot

Enough talking, let's do this thing!


I believe we've satisfied all prerequisits to integrate git into our infrastructure (we have a recent bamboo, jira and install4j).


It appears Smack has made or is making the switch to Gihub and Flow already has setup the repo and things are looking nice. I suggest Spark follows suit.


The community has been setup on github, and Spark already has a shared repo there (alongside Smack).

(needs re-sync, has gone stale)


To move forward I propose the following:


1) Someone with access investigates how involved switching the build system and ticket system to point to the git repo.

2) We do a planned "commit freeze" for one day.

    a) Gives time to perform the last sync between the svn and git repos (I can do this via either svn2git or subgit to preserve at much history as possible)

    b) Gives time to actually perform the configuration changes to point at the git repo

3) "Beautify" the new git Spark repo to be more git/github friendly (ie. add .gitignore, .gitattributes, markdown version of the readme, etc)

4) Afterwhich we put the svn repo into an "archive" role and make it read only (for legacy). (no new commits to the svn archive).



We don't have a ton of active developers on Spark at the moment, which really makes this an ideal time to do the switch.