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What's the state of the voice chat code of Spark?

Question asked by wroot Champion on Jan 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2014 by Dele Olajide

Not sure who and whether can answer this. But we sometimes get questions in the forums about how to make this working and i'm not sure if it is still in the code. Spark will show voice call icon in the chat window and in the contact's context menu if STUN server is configured (separate plugin for Openfire) and also in Spark preferences server with the STUN plugin is selected. One have to point Openfire to two separate IPs in the STUN settings (not sure if both IPs have to be on separate interfaces or can be on one). But for some users the icon still doesn't appear. Of course, after switching from proprietary FMJ to JMF (or vice versa, confusing names) the sound quality is not worth even trying maybe (stuttering issue). So, any hints from the code or maybe STUN plugin code?


Maybe we should push/advertise Red5 plugins instead?