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Gtalk or other XMPP (Jabber) settings

Question asked by siccak on Nov 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by Axel-F. Brand



after many trials i have working Gojara with Spectrum2. I am using Openfire with Spark. ICQ transport is working well for me, but i need help with Gtalk or other XMPP (Jabber connections).


I have second cfg file in Spectrum2 for Gtalk with:





In Openfire admin I see both my transport protocols successfully connected, but when I start Spark i have only ICQ, but no Gtalk logo. So, are there any other settings which I need to put in cfg file for Spectrum2 or something which I am missing? How Spectrum2 detects Gtalk connection? I am using libpurple and in documentation on Spectrum2 website is:


prpl-jabber = Jabber/Facebook/GTalk


But how do I specify, that i want to use Gtalk. And same problem is with type field in cfg file - says nothing about Gtalk.


Can someone with working XMPP transports help me, thank you.