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Fixing SIP Phone plugin, anyone got any suggestions?

Question asked by dakotadan on Sep 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2013 by dakotadan

Hi All,


I have decided to have a go at fixing the SIP Phone plugin that is currently in use with Spark 2.6.3.


Things that I have noticed at the beginning of my work.


  1. Spark 2.5.8 Windows and Mac versions work fine
  2. Spark 2.6.3 Windows makes an initial call but generates huge volumes of outbound traffic. After the first call it hangs Spark.
  3. Spark 2.6.3 Mac fails to make a call after installation. Remove all codec except ulaw and it works well.


Having read the forums and done some initial investigation I am assuming that the problems is Codec related. If not there is certainly some work to be done here anyway.


I will be working mostly in may spare time on this one but I do have a vested interest in getting it to work. I will also include Linux when I have a better grasp of the underlying Sip Phone code.


If anybody has other suggestions then please inform me on this thread.


All the best


Dan Winfield, Voxhub