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Substance LaF Update patch

Question asked by SnakeDoc on Jun 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2013 by SnakeDoc

Updated things to the latest release of Substance LaF which has been taken under the Insubstance project. Current version is 7.2.1 released about 7 months ago. The project is currenrtly looking for a new maintainer, so whatever that will mean. I know we are possibly looking to stip Substance out... but perhaps an updated version will fix the previous issues? And some of it's LaF's do look good ;-)



1) Apply the patch.


2) Copy "substance.jar" to "~/spark/codebase/build/lib/dist/"


3) Enjoy



PS: You have to compile spark from source to get the updated Substance to work. Simply copying "substance.jar" over to your Spark installation will not do it.