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Redfire security issues

Question asked by kao_lance on May 9, 2013

I'm experimenting with Openfire at my workplace and the need came up for desktop sharing and video conferencing.  So I grabbed the latest redfire plugin for testing.  It seems to work, but security seems lacking or I misconfigured something.


I have noticed that the URL (including the key) seems to be the same each time I share my desktop.  The URL is different for video obviously, but each time I share my video the URL is the same for video.


So what this means is if I share my desktop with 'user1' then stop sharing it and share it with 'user2'... it means user1 can still see my desktop if they didn't close the webpage or even if they re-open the same URL.


The same holds true for video.  Worst part is, there's no feedback to me (the share-er) to let me know who is viewing my desktop or video.  It would be nice if it told me that user1 (or even an IP) is viewing my desktop.


Is this expected behavior?  Or do I have something misconfigured?