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Help to use SparkWeb to videocall

Question asked by RubFire on Apr 2, 2013

Hello people, i am new here and i need some help. I hope you could help me.


I want use something like SparkWeb but with videocall. I installed redfire in openfire and now i can do videocall in Spark client but i want do it for web.

Then how i can use a web to videocall with openfire?

I find several post about this but i dont know if was betas or testers and i want know if i can do it "oficially" and no like a test.


I read this post

But i dont find how i can do this --> To connect to Red5 SparkWeb go to http://yourserver:7070/red5/sparkweb/index.html

I thought this is my solutions but i dont find "sparkweb" in actually redfire installed in my server, Redfire version 0.3.2

Can you help my please i am lost and i dont know if is posible a web service with openfire and videocall. My objetive is dont use a client Spark and only use a URL.


I wait you help, thanks.


P.D: Sorry my poor english.