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Sparkweb Conference Buttons Don't Work

Question asked by eamundson on Mar 15, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by wroot

I have Sparkweb setup, and OpenFire 3.8.1, running on CentOS 6 (32-bit).


Sparkweb is hosted by Apache running on the same server, and is configured using https to the bindPath /httpd-bind.


The basic Sparkweb functions great, but I do have a problem with the conference service component.  When you login to Sparkweb, you can click on 'Conferences', and click the '+' button and add the conference server.  When you do this, it shows all of the persistent chat rooms which are available on the conference server, as you'd expect.  You can bookmark them or set them for auto-join, that works.  However, if you logout, then login again, it only shows the chat rooms you have bookmarked.  This may be by design, but my problem is the buttons to the right of the conference server name don't work.  You cannot refresh the list of rooms, and you cannot create new conference rooms in this interface.  The buttons simply don't do anything.


I have tried this in IE and Firefox, and from multiple machines, thinking it was a browser issue, and the issue happens all the time.


If you remove the conference server and re-add it, you can see all of the rooms again.  If you don't have any rooms bookmarked, and you login with a conference server already setup, it displays a seperate 'refresh' button, which does work and you can see all rooms again.


It would be nice if my users could create ad-hoc chat rooms from Sparkweb, and also have the ability to 'refresh' and see all rooms, as I'm sure was the intent of the buttons.


Has anyone had these issues?  Does anyone have any troubleshooting or diagnostic things I could try?


Any help wold be appreciated.




- Erik