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Call by Phono

Question asked by kuro on Mar 6, 2013
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Thank you for creating such a nice module.

I am really excited to use it.


I am still new to Openfire and have problems with Redfire.


I installed Redfire to my server that has a public IP address.

Openfire's version is 3.8.1 and the OS I am using is FreeBSD 9.1R.

The access to http://myserver:7070/redfire is successful and 'Chat' with a specified XMPP account on a Phono session works well too.

2Way audio/video, 4 persion audio/video conference also work well.


However, 'Call' another Phono session and a sip account on localhost + asterisk does not work.

There is no error message in error.log (actually it's empty).


Maybe I miss some settings for sip or something, but could somebody give me a hint on it?

If voice conferencing is easily possible on a browser, I will do a lot of work with it.

So, I am really excited.